Rajeeve Kaul

Rajeeve Kaul

Corporate Vice President

Rajeeve Kaul is Corporate Vice President Global Pricing at McDonalds and is based in Chicago, IL. Prior to McDonalds, Rajeeve was the Senior Vice President of Analytics and Transformation at G4S, with responsibility to develop an Integrated Security Solutions strategy for G4S NA and to also create best in class analytics capabilities for optimizing risk for G4S customers.

Mr. Kaul has a proven track record of creating and deploying analytics across multiple companies including Essendant where he had responsibility for Strategy, BI and analytics within their Industrial businesses. He was also the Senior Vice President at OfficeMax with responsibility for margin and unlocking value by focusing on strategy and big data analytics to gain insights and drive business decisions.

Mr. Kaul has extensive experience leading and creating organizations focused on deploying advanced analytics to business decisions. He was previously with Cardinal Health where he was vice president of strategy and pricing (2009 to 2011) and vice president of portfolio and profitability management (2007-2009). At Cardinal he built and deployed multiple decision support systems and solutions including Suspicious Order Monitoring to predict and reduce drug diversion, supply chain optimization for Nuclear Medicine and targeting and optimization for customer acquisition. Prior to his role at Cardinal, he served as director of retail optimization for AutoZone, a Fortune 300 automotive aftermarket retailer, developing one of a kind micro-targeting and optimization systems and solutions to drive shareholder value and income.

Mr. Kaul’s previous experience has also included roles focused on deployment of analytics to improve decision making across product assortment, pricing, Six Sigma process improvement and profitability modeling for GE and Advanta Mortgage. He also served as a management consultant with ZS Associates focusing on sales force effectiveness in the pharma sector. 

In addition to his extensive professional experience, Mr. Kaul has been an advisory member for University of Tennessee School of Business, University of Missouri School of Management and the American Marketing Association. Mr. Kaul has also been published in the Journal of Marketing Research and served as a keynote speaker and panel expert at various conferences and events related to big data and advanced analytics, business forecasting and pricing strategy.

Mr. Kaul holds a master’s degree specializing in statistics and decision science and an MBA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.