The Company

What is / OFR? is a game changing business model for hotels & travel agents. The travel agents are empowered to book rooms at the rate displayed or quote a rate that they would like to pay for the booking. The resulting transactions create an eco-system which helps travel agents realize lower prices while allowing hotels to turn excessive inventory to profits and, in doing so, price-discriminate without damaging their brands or their public rates.

The all in one shopping site enables bargaining of a rate to the travel agent in its business to business (B2B) model. The never seen before innovation makes a market place that allows forging of new relationships where none existed before. Hotels find new travel agents who in turn get the opportunity to transact with hotels where rate was often an impediment.

Unlike other travel portals, or OFR is a creation of hoteliers who are passionate students of revenue & yield management and understand right pricing is smart business.

Ravish Swarup is the Founder CEO of the company. A practicing hotelier who has successfully contributed to the business through technology and process innovations, represents the industry in variety of forums. His experience includes leadership positions for pricing and revenue management with The Oberoi Group.